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As a condition of your tenancy agreement from the outset‎ you must have in place a standing order/direct debit for the payment of your rent.

Your rent must be cleared in our nominated bank account by 9:00AM on the due date. It is not sufficient for you to transfer the rent as and when you are able to do so on the due date. We operate a strict Rent Arrears Policy which can be found here.

However we understand that banking arrangements may need to be changed from time to time and we therefore offer an online /office based payment facility.

Should you need to use this facility on a one off basis it is imperative you establish new standing order or direct debit instruction with your bank for all future payments of rent. We only offer this facility as it is essential that your rent is paid on time all the time without fail.

You can pay your rent online safely and securely by simply logging in below, enter how much you are required to pay under the terms of your tenancy and press submit.

We will send you a confirmation email by way of receipt! – what could be easier!


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