Students & Post Graduates

Gone are the days of cramped student accommodation with poor quality fittings. The student accommodation offered is now of much higher quality in a very competitive market.

So why pick Luxor Students as your choice of accommodation throughout your studies?

Firstly the team behind Luxor Students were once students and we understand the need to work and play hard! For most students it will be the first time moving away from the family home coupled with the stress and strains of studying and juggling your finances can be extremely stressful.

Our properties are finished to the highest standard which are unrivalled and priced extremely competitively.

Any maintenance issues are taken care of without delay by our dedicated maintenance team and you can use our online reporting system to report non-emergency issues simply by the click of a button – hassle free!

It is also a stressful time for parents and guardians who are required to guarantee their child’s obligations under the tenancy agreement. To this extent we have ensured our tenancy agreement is fair and complies with the requirements and guidelines set by Liverpool Student Homes.

You can download our form of Tenancy Agreement here:

AST Agreement

The tenancy is usually for a 52 week period commencing 1 July ending 30 June the following year with 47 weeks of rent being payable during the tenancy including the Summer Retainer. The tenancy will be shorter and the number of weeks rent is payable will be less if signed after 1 July.

The Summer Retainer is a payment for the 10 week period from 1 July when properties are prepared for new tenants. The amount payable is usually 50% of the normal weekly rent which equates to 5 weeks rent. We endeavour to allow occupation as soon as possible after the start of the tenancy subject to preparation of the property but we are not obliged to do so.

To alleviate the financial strain all of our properties come fully furnished with laundry equipment and modern TVs and the rent is inclusive of utility bills (EXCLUDING TV LICENCE) and Wi-Fi making it a lot easier to budget your outgoings.

Please click here to see our Energy Allowance Guidance.

You will be exempt from paying Council Tax as long as you provide a Council Tax Exemption Certificate. We will also need evidence of your enrolment with the education institution.

It is important to note not all courses qualify for the exemption and you should seek guidance from your education establishment.

We offer spacious rooms in large properties to ensure you can live with your friends whilst studying making your academic experience an enjoyable one. All of our student properties are within walking distance of the city centre.

We hope you achieve a first class degree as we will deliver to you first class accommodation.

Click here to see our luxury student accommodation on offer for this academic year.

If you are interested in a property you can book a viewing online