Often the biggest complaint a tenant will have with their landlord is that maintenance issues are disregarded and often not acted upon for sometime – if at all.

We are different, as due to our experience in property renovation and refurbishment, we understand that even minimal repair issues can often become a substantial issue. If such defects in the property are ignored it can cost a large amount of money to rectify. We take pride in our properties and in turn hope you, the tenant, will do likewise.

We act fast and deal with the issue effectively offering a 24-7 service. This gives peace of mind for both you and us. We care about our properties and your living environment.

To ensure your items of repair are dealt with quickly we offer access to a comprehensive maintenance team resulting in minimal disruption in your home.

If you have a repair issue of a non urgent nature please complete our online maintenance report system. We will endeavour to deal with your issue within 48 hours. You can also call our office on 0151 475 5042 to discuss your repair request. To assist us deal with your repair more efficiently and hopefully on the first visit to your property you can either email pictures or SMS Text Message to 07513 339 075.

However if the issue is urgent please contact our Maintenance Team on either of the following numbers;

  • 07902 158 569
  • 07871 795 895

If your maintenance request relates to a plumbing matter such as heating or leaks please contact our Maintenance Team on following number:

  • 07967 489 966

By completing a maintenance request you will be giving us permission to access the property with the keys we hold. You must state if you do not wish for us to access the property without you being present.

The most common maintenance issues arise from cold weather and condensation which can cause unsightly markings on the wall. Please read the following guide to ensure that this does not become an issue at your home:

Cold Weather & Condensation Guide

If damp or mould is an issue please click here for guidance

During your stay your safety is important to us and we would ask that you carefully read and comply with the following fire safety guidelines:

Fire Safety Guide

We would also ask that you do not flush baby wipes and the like down your toilet as this will cause blockages in the drainage system and cause sewerage to come back up in to your property.

If you are a tenant in one of our blocks of flats the communal areas and windows will be cleaned monthly and this is included in the rent you pay, there is no additional charge.

If you believe the communal area requires cleaning prior to the standard monthly cleaning please contact Let’s Fresh Liverpool on 07810 767 579 or alternatively visit their website at