About Us


We are a family run business with extensive experience and knowledge in the property sector.

We are an established and active landlord looking to expand and add to our already burgeoning property portfolio.

‎We do not speculate but we invest, there is a real distinction. Many property investment companies and funds acquire stock in the hope it’s value will increase because of its location and “trying to play the market” but we focus on the asset itself to produce the return.

Once we understand the return we can formulate the value of the asset. This ensures our investment always performs regardless of the movement of the market. The market indicates the demand in the marketplace but not necessarily the underlying value of an asset.

Luxor Estates values are based on three key objectives:

  • a commitment to quality and luxury derived through innovation, design and detail
  • a focus on our tenants’ needs and a commitment to optimise their experience
  • a determination to execute and act upon decisions rapidly to maximise end-user satisfaction

We understand that today’s lifestyle is hectic and moving home can be both daunting and exciting not to mention expensive so we offer tenancies to suit each individual’s requirements. We offer viewings at a time to suit you, convenient for those who have work commitments.

Our properties are offered fully furnished to ease the financial strain and make your move stress free. Depending on the property you are looking to rent we can sometimes offer no deposit tenancies and all inclusive rates.

We are not a large organisation were decisions get passed up the hierarchy meaning we can act quickly and make decisions promptly. You are not dealing with a managing agent who must report the issue to the landlord and await a response on how to proceed, we decide there and then and act quickly.